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Brianna Grant, LCSW, RPT-S does not accept insurance at this time. 


What are the rates/fees for service? 

Initial Intake Assessment (includes file set up and course of treatment - 50-60 minutes): $175.00*

Child/Adolescent/Play Therapy Session (45-50 minute session): $175.00*

Family Therapy Session (45-50 minute session) : $175.00*

EMDR Services (only if 90 minute session provided): $200.00*

Clients pay for each session at the time of service. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted. 

*A $5.00 processing fee is added when paying by credit card.


Can I use my insurance?

Brianna is currently an "out-of-network provider".  Brianna will provide clients with a coded receipt of their charges and payments at the time of each session or if preferred a statement that includes a group of visits. If you wish to use your insurance, it is encouraged that you call your insurance to understand exactly what your Mental Health out-of-network benefits are.

When getting this information, the following specific questions would be beneficial to ask:

  • Is pre-authorization required before I attend psychotherapy?

  • If pre-authorization is required, what are the steps?

  • Number of psychotherapy sessions allowed per year.

  • Deduction that must be met before benefits kick in. Ask for in-network and out-of-network deduction requirements-sometimes they differ.

  • How much money will I be reimbursed for an individual psychotherapy session (code # 90834) with an out-of-network provider?

  • Some insurance companies do not cover family therapy sessions (code # 90846 and code #90847). If you are seeking family counseling, be sure to get that information.

  • If they say that they cover a percentage of the "Usual and Customary rate", ask them to tell you what the usual and customary fee is (dollar figure).


**Please be aware that in order for your claim to be considered for reimbursement, your insurance company will require that Brianna provide a diagnostic code representing one of the mental/behavioral disorders found in the DSM-5- TR diagnostic manual and may require access to your confidential medical records.**


** Be aware when contacting your insurance company they may inform you that Brianna Grant is "in network". This is due to Brianna providing contract services with a Nashville area non-profit who bills insurance. While the insurance carrier may inform you that services are covered in-network, it is important to let them know that your child will be receiving services at Brianna Grant's private practice location which is out-of-network. 




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